The products that Lynx Resources produce are beneficial to society – zinc is primarily used to galvanize steel, significantly extending the life of industrial products such as cars and buildings; and lead is used primarily for batteries to power modern vehicles and devices.

Lynx Resources is committed to the long-term sustainability of our operations, including minimizing our impact on the environment, ensuring the safety of our people, and supporting our communities and other stakeholders.

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Lynx Resources is committed to protecting the environment, promoting the health and safety of its employees, respecting local culture and values, and striving to be an exemplary corporate citizen.

The sustainability of Lynx Resource’s operations is critical to our long-term success in creating value for our shareholders, employees, communities and other stakeholders. Our approach to managing sustainability focuses on integrating sustainability considerations into all aspects of our business.

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Lynx Resources seeks to operate in a way that continuously improves the efficiency of our operations while minimizing any potentially negative impacts.

Lynx Resources recognizes that large industrial operations have the potential for direct and indirect impacts on the environment. Therefore we make it a priority to identify, assess and mitigate these potential environmental impacts through utilization of best industry practices and implementation of appropriate systems and controls.

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Lynx Resources is committed to ensuring a safe, productive and healthy workplace for all employees, contractors and visitors.

Our operations utilize leading industry practices to develop our safety strategy, analyze hazards and minimize risks, and to develop our operating policies and procedures.

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Lynx Resources is committed to strong relationships with its communities and other stakeholders.

The SASA mine directly employs more than 700 people from the local community, and thousands of people indirectly in the provision of goods and services to the mine.

As the largest company in Makedonska Kamenica, the SASA mine has contributed to the improvement of the infrastructure of the city including support for schools, sporting clubs, playgrounds, and emergency services, as well as other social and charitable programs in the surrounding regions.

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